// happy hour

‘Happy Hour’ came from the marketing term used to describe the period in which bars and restaurants offer special discounts on alcoholic drinks. The period usually spans from 4pm to 8pm, a time that is popular amongst colleagues to gather for drinks after a long day of work. 

The duration in between the end of work/school and the family dinner is your time to unwind, relax and satisfy those suppressed urges; such as after work drinks, after school play dates or squeezing in some much needed exercise. This four-hours-long duration inadvertently makes a happy face when applied on to a clock. Whenever you check the time the visually striking image of the smiling face reminds you of the ‘happiest hours’ of the day, the self-indulging time zone we all crave for.

Material palate: 3mm plexiglass and aluminum sheeting. 


  1. it will hit the shelves of BLTD one day, and when that day comes i'll make sure they'll have a special customized edition for tony.