// 9 Days in Tibet

Tibet July 17-25, 2010

Back in July it has been over two month since I started interning in Beijing, by then I was quite burned out by Beijing's city life, and the overwhelming workload within the office. Along with two other colleagues, the three of us decided to reward ourselves with a mini vacation to get away from the unsettling urban frenzy of Beijing. Tibet became the obvious target as the ultimate earthly paradise, an utopian isolated from the rest of the world is just what we needed. 
Little did we know Tibet was more forbidden than what we had imagined. As foreigners we had to apply for three different permits to go where we wanted, on top of that we had to be under supervision by a local travel agency at all times. After twenty thousand phone calls and emails corresponding with the local agencies, we were eventually ready for the land of harsh landscapes and dizzying altitudes. 
In 9 days we traveled from the barren, stark snow capped mountains of Lhasa to the fertile, heavily forested mountains of Nyingchi, and witnessed the surreal transformation in between. We did camping, hiking, rafting, and overdosed on monasteries. This is a video of my photographs compiled as a series of stop motion clips. Smile!

Music: 印流行 (Indian), Diamond by Klint

Video put together with iMovie


  1. I found your blog...nice stuff! Keep in touch! Emaan

  2. your adventures look FANTASTIC!
    good to see that youre having an amazing time in china! hope youre well!

  3. I LOVE IT!!! Brilliant :))

  4. man i'm loving your work lol, great job again you fabio :p