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For the past year, I’ve had the privilege to live/work in two of the most bicycle friendly cities in the world. Amsterdam and Copenhagen share a very similar bike culture in that both cities support and encourage the use of bikes as the primary mean of transportation. Infrastructures catering to bikes are well implemented in to the city traffics, compelling almost half the population to commute on wheels.
Besides being a mobile and reliable commuting tool, it also brings you closer to the mainstream lifestyle of the locals. I purchased my bike the day after I arrived in Amsterdam. The moment I start paddling, the initial stint of being that awkward and insecure tourist starts to fade away. In a way, conforming to the bike culture was the first step to establish myself in the city, as if I’ve been officially integrated into the flow of the society. Additional benefits of cycling include daily exercise, economically sustainable, and nothing beats the thrill of cycling home intoxicated at two in the morning.

the synonymous bike scene of Amsterdam and Copenhagen
The bicycle parking garage beside Amsterdam's central station, this thing houses 2500 bikes.
The bikes gets a magnificent view overlooking the IJ River.
The steel truss column that holds up the cantilevered parking platforms.
Your bikes will be 'towed' if not retrieved after 28 days.
My trusty folder bike.
a headshot of Danny Devito printed on the bike seat, a gesture of love...or detest.
The shed also comes with a handy attendant.
Some shabby parking spots under the train tracks, apparently 2500 spots are still not enough.

The bicycle parking lot beside Copenhagen's Nørrebro Station, the busiest station in the city.

I find bicycles to be extremely photogenic =]

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  1. HARRY!
    im incredibly jealous of your work placement.
    amsterdam and copenhagen! incredible!
    hope all is well with you. wherever you are.