// the faintest ink

These are some quotes from movies and shows I have seen in the past week. I love quotes, I love the way they can articulate my thoughts and feelings better than I could ever imagine. In the past, quotes that at the time have made a deep impression in my mind always seem to vanish over time. This has been proven tragically true time and time again, and leaves me with the feeling of losing a valuable possession. So to remedy that, I am making the effort to record them in the form of writing, now this should be an appreciate lead-in to the first quote on the list...

The faintest ink is better than the best memory. -Mad Men
I love the way a photo can capture a moment before it’s gone. -The Lovely Bones The longest journey begin with a single step. -Precious You cannot plow a field by turning it over in your mind. -Irish Proverb The older you get the fewer the thing you’ll love, by the time you get to my age maybe it’s only one or two things. -The Hurt Locker


  1. I'm offering unasked advice here. You should write the quotes in a fainter ink... perhaps grey?