// "the slab lab"

This was the most recent project produce by my studio. Each of us was given a box of the same dimension, within it we were to design a test unit for habitation that challenge the typical mass housing conventions. A total of 70 boxes with radical architectural variations were produced in the end. The finished products were momentarily stacked together in a slab building fashion, one can imagine an apartment building with a pixelated facade, where each pixel/unit is expressed differently according to the occupant's unique way of living. For a moment, the project became a model of domesticity with an agenda of celebrating individuality within the collective herd. Imagine the Borneo Sporenburg in stacks.


  1. Lovely! I like the comparison to Borneo Sporenburg! Which one is yours?

  2. mine was at the very end of the classroom, you cant see it in these photos. did you go to Borneo when you went to amsterdam?

  3. I was very uncultured back then... so I only went to the whore houses, Van Gogh Museum, and the Heineken factory!! and Mickey D's abunch of times.

    So to answer the question, did I goto Boreno when I went to Amsterdam? No, I haven't got the faintest idea regarding Borneo until I saw your photos...